Is Travelling a Headache or a Memory to be Cherished???

It’s the journey that matters, not the  destination – Ralph Waldo Emerson

 That’s what people say, BUT is it really so????

Rich, poor, Old, Young, Men, Women, student or even Entrepreneur, you might fall into any of these categories, but More often than not, I bet you love travelling. So, what is it really about travelling that we all love??? It might be the visuals of moving trees coming against us while we are inside the car, or the sight of the clouds from the window seat in the plane. Some are rejoiced just because of the fact that they are getting relieved from their daily jobs. While there are others who are just born to travel. Apart from these, there are also some people, who just love to add new chapter into their life every once in a while. So, which one am I???

To be frank, none of above, I just hated travelling when I was young, because most of the travelling I did when I was a child was never in the fancy cars or the huge planes or even the trains. It used to be in the local buses or the better quality buses at best. It was never really comfortable or clean. So, back then, for me “It was the destination that mattered, not the journey”. But now that I am under my internship, I keep getting to travel in these planes and cars. Along with this, I recently made a long trip with my closest friends to one of the most beautiful places in India and this made me think,  Do I really love travelling, and WHY???

Well, let`s make some pointers, shall we??

  1. First and foremost, if it is a new place for me, the mere“ANTICIPATION” and excitement about how the place is going to be like pumps me up. whether it is going to turn out the way I imagined, or the way I saw in the Google pictures, or if it is a hill station, whether I will get to see some snowfall or just the mere thought of getting to actually be there in person excites me the most.

  2. Second, comes all the “MOMENTS” that are created during these trips. Those sleepless nights in the bus/train while travelling, those small talk about no particular topic, those cups of tea while stopping by for Food, those group Selfies (more on that below), those feelings about that place which come back while seeing those old pictures or while such occasion comes back next time (Eg:- Next winter I will remember all the snow I played with in Manali this winter). These moments are priceless and no other thing can replace them.

  3. If travelling creates moments, then, Pictures convert these moments into“MEMORIES” so, I assume any modern day guy/ girl needs no explanation for this point. We all take pictures, whether it be with so-called i-phones and DSLRs or any other simple android phone, whether it be at an exotic island or in front of the mirror just after shower with those wet silky hair. We’ve all been there, seen it and done it all. So, pictures and most importantly Selfies are an irreplaceable part of the trip.

  4. “FOOD”. so, this one is quite contradictory, while there have been moments where, I just loved trying out the new cuisine / native flavor of that particular place (Shimla), there have also been times where I was literally moments away from puking (sorry Chennai, even though I  loved the place). So, food while travelling is unpredictable. Nevertheless, it becomes the part of things that remind you of the place.

  5. Finally, the “FREEDOM” I get from my day to day robotic work gives me a big reason to smile while travelling. The night before my day of travel is the one when I get the best sleep as I am under the impression that, for next few days, I can do things I actually love and don’t have to follow the fake pattern that others have been drawing for me throughout the years.

     So, how did I do??? If you feel that this was some kind of education or expert tips on how to travel or what to do while travelling, you are absolutely wrong. It was a fusion of thoughts, experiences, and expectations from my eyes. Yours could be different. Please let me know. Always there to listen.


List of places I`ve visited: DUBAI-UAE, Sharjah, Gujarat Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Pokhara, Hetauda, Dharan, Manakamana, Jhapa, Delhi, Vrindavan, Mathura, Noida, Agra, Manali, Nainital, Chennai, Bawal, Shimla, Siliguri

Dream to live in: New York City one day, (If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere)

List of places I want to visit: New York City off course, Leh Ladak, Rara National Park, New Zealand, Sikkim, Madrid (Hala – Madrid), Rio De janerio, Tokyo, Maldives, and the list goes on.





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