Delhi to Nepal

Hola Chicos !!!! (“Hello guys” in Spanish)

Welcome to a new blog. My apologies for long gaps between two blogs, but “Better late than Never.” Thanks for all the positive reactions on my last blog which was on “10 life hacks that make your life easier.” Well, if you have not read it yet, simply click the link (10 Life Hacks that can save your life)

and by the way, a part II of above blog, as well as a YouTube video, where we actually perform these hacks ourselves is coming soon, so that, you can see for yourself that they are actually legit ( which indeed they are).


Moving on, today`s blog is actually a personal one. This one is all about my memorable journey from Delhi to Kathmandu to attend my lovely sister`s wedding and get a well-deserved break from my hectic professional life ( more on that in future blogs). So, without further ado, let’s get to it, in form of following pointers:

  • Cab to the airport: This part of the journey is pretty straightforward. I packed my bags, booked an Uber on my Smart Phone and reached “Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal-3.”


  • Landing on Nepal: Like the point no. 1 above, there isn`t a lot to explain really. I boarded my flight via “Nepal Airlines” and landed at “Tribhuvan International Airport” in Kathmandu.



  • Meet Dad: Next up, I met my Daddy dearest at the airport, touched his feet with tears on my eyes……… (NOT REALLY…!!!!) In fact, I just said “Hey, You look Young today” and we moved on to proceedings and got home.


  • Spend time with Murphy:For those of you who don`t know, who Murphy is, I`m gonna make sure, she tells you who she really is by biting you, and for those of you who do know, who she is, make sure that you say hey ! or else she`s gonna bite you as well. Enjoys the pictures below:



  • Spend time with Siblings:Since, the occasion was a wedding and that too of my lovely sister, I was not the only guest in the house, just 2 days after my arrival, came all my siblings, which included my 1 elder and 2 younger brothers along with 2 younger and 2 elder sisters excluding the “to be Bride” herself. and yeah, you guessed it right, there are a lot of us.



  • Visiting Royal Palace of “Former King of Nepal”Next up, I visited the “Narayanihiti Royal palace of Nepal,” which has now been converted into a Museum after the exile of the king. It was a unique experience and a heartfelt one. This is one place which I suggest, every Nepalese who lives outside Kathmandu and every foreigner who visits Nepal must go to. Ticket prices are as follows:

          *Nepalese with Student ID: Nrs 20 ($ 0.19)

          *Nepalese without student ID: Nrs 100 ($ 0.96)

          *Foreign National from SAARC Countries and China : Nrs 250 ($ 2.41)

*Any other Foreign National: Nrs 500 ($ 8.42)


  • Wedding and Reception: Well, this day was a really special day in my life as I came to a realization that, my small little sister had finally grown up. It was a day of mixed emotions. Happiness, sadness, loneliness, pride, accomplishment, fatigue, I could go on and on, but the best part about this all was that she was happy to spend her life with an awesome that she loved and whom me and my parents like a lot as well.


  • 1 Day, 2 places: Next up is an adventure trip with all my siblings. The wedding was done and dusted. Post wedding hangover was gone and it was time to have some fun.  “Druk Amitabh Mountain” was the place. Never heard of it??? Well, what about “White Gumba.” I know all my visitors from Nepal got it, however, for rest of the readers, there`s a place in Kathmandu which is popularly known as “White Gumba,” but officially on Google maps and other websites, it is listed as “Druk Amitabh Mountain.” It is basically a Buddhist Monastery located between the hills. Visitors can go there on foot (this is far enjoyable way to go there and this is in fact how we visited the place) or taking their own vehicle, most people use their motorbikes and small cars. All I can say is that the journey by foot to the place is worth it and I will make sure I link one of the YouTube videos which depict the beauty of this place on camera.                                                                                                  Moving on, the next place we went on the same day was “Boudhanath.” Well, this again is also a Buddhist Monastery and one of the most popular places among visitors in Kathmandu. It was a great evening and overall a perfect place to end a memorable day.
  • Hetauda: The final destination was the place Hetauda and this is infact my Hometown. Had some personal responsibilities to fulfill and some important people to meet. Among all the things, I did during my visit to Nepal, this was something, I feel the happiest about.


  • Tribhuvan International airport: Even though, Hetauda was the final destination in terms of places visited within Nepal, Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu, Nepal was actually the final place I had to go (for obvious reasons) before I went back to Delhi.                                                                                                            cof                                                                                                                                                     So, that’s it, folks. I am actually in New Delhi at the time of posting this blog and most probably will still be in New Delhi at the time of you reading this blog. So, thanks a lot for your patience and sticking till the end. I know my narratives can be a pain in the butt at times. Hope you enjoyed it. Don`t forget to subscribe to our blog and YouTube Channel.  All the links are going to be below.

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