The ultimate guide to Mandvi Beach | Kandla, Gandhidham Kutch |Cost, Rides, value for money and everything else.

Welcome back, readers !!!

This is part -II of the blog about my adventure in Kandla, Gujarat. The Part – I of the blog ended with me talking about the accommodation in Kandla, Gandhidham. Well, we are going to move forward and talk about the core of traveling.

As I have stated in the last blog, Kandla is not really known for travel/ tourist destinations. But, If you are a true explorer (like myself), you will manage to find some incredible places worth visiting at Kandla.

So, based upon my personal experience and some research done by me to help you all,  following is a detailed article on everything you need to know about one of the most famous places in Kandla, i.e. Mandvi Beach.

(By the way, if you have not checked out the part-I of this blog, click here: travels

Gateway to Mandvi Beach
Gateway to Mandvi Beach
  •  Mandvi Beach:

Mandvi beach is a major tourist attraction for all the people who go to Kandla. Mandvi Beach is the closest to the town center, across the bridge to the east side of the river, then down the road past a place called Salaya, accessed from just near the Kashi-Vishvanath Temple (sometimes the beach is called Kashi-Vishvanath Beach.)

Wind Farm Beach is 7 km west of town, named for the windmills that line it to generate electricity for the area.



Well, the bus service and road connectivity in Gujarat are very close to perfect. So, All you`ve to do is catch a bus from Gandhidham heading to a place called Bhuj, or any other destination, which has Bhuj on its way.

Once, you reach Bhuj, ST buses and jeeps depart from Bhuj about every 30 min, you can have your pick.

These vehicles lead you to Mandvi, but to reach exactly Mandvi beach, you will have to go through a 10 minute an auto/ tempo ride. and while returning you may follow the same steps in reverse.


The cost to reach the Mandvi beach from Gandhidham is pretty minimal. The total cost to reach from Gandhidham to Mandvi beach is INR 90-100.

A bus ride from Gandhidham to Bhuj: INR 40

Bus/ Jeep ride from Bhuj to Mandvi: INR 40-50

Auto/ Tempo ride from Mandvi to Mandvi beach: INR 10.


Mandvi beach is, first of all, a free beach to enter. Further, besides diving into the water and enjoying a warm swim, there are a lot of excursions that can be done on the beach. Several services are available from speedboating to camel riding.

Let me take you through some of them briefly.

a. Camel riding: Camel riding in Mandvi beach was one of the coolest experiences of my life. The process is self-explanatory.

The owner has his camel sit on the ground, then, you and your friend/ partner sit of top of the camel, one on the front and one on the back as shown in the picture below and once, you are properly seated, the camel stands up and starts walking.

When you are on top of the camel, you feel amazed as you are quite high off the ground. This whole experience is quite scary and exciting.

Camel ride in Mandvi Beach
Camel ride in Mandvi Beach

Worth: The camel ride can cost you as low as INR 20 per person (I did for INR 20), but normally, the owner asks for at least two persons. So, unless you are visiting the beach solo, it is totally worth your money.

Tip: Bargain, Bargain, and Bargain..!!!! and also, ask the rates with locals who serve another type of adventure like ask for camel riding rates with bike riding person before going to camel rider.

b. Bike Riding: Bike riding is another adventure sport you can try at Mandvi Beach.

Its really simple, all you have really got to do is put your hands on the accelerator and make sure that you do not run over someone.

Besides, the owner of the bike also sits beside you to ensure you do not run over people or ride the bike into the ocean.

Worth: In my honest opinion, the bike ride is not really worth the money you pay.

  • First, the cost of the ride per person is INR 100 and the total distance you get to cover is hardly even 600 meters. The actual period for which you get to ride the bike maybe 3 minutes at most.
  • Further, a large area that you cover on the bike is filled with people, so, you can`t go full speed to take full enjoyment of your ride.
  • In addition to this, for around 80% of your ride, the owner of the bike is sitting beside you to stop you from going full speed.

So, all these inconveniences when compared with the price of INR 100 is not worth it.

Tip: If bike riding is not your thing, but you do want to look cool, try bargain with the owner to take pictures of you on the bike for around INR 20. I say this is a better deal.

Bike Riding in Mandvi Beach
Bike Riding in Mandvi Beach
Bike Riding in Mandvi Beach
Bike Riding in Mandvi Beach

c. Motorboating/speed boating and water sports: 

Since you are surrounded by water in the Mandvi Beach, it is only fair if you get to do some kind of adventure which involves going into the water.

So, up comes motorboating/speed boating. While we did not notice this service at the time of our visit, but, the locals said that Jet Ski service is also available on the beach.

This activity typically includes two types of adventures.

The first is your typical motor or speed boating, where multiple people sit on a boat, and the motor/ engine of the boat is turned on and the boat starts moving at a high speed.

Speed boating at Mandvi Beach
Speed boating at Mandvi Beach

While the second type is where you sit of a big inflated Tyre and the owner/rider swings you over the water. The second picture given below will show exactly what I mean.

Water adventure in Mandvi Beach
Water adventure in Mandvi Beach

Worth: Unless you have never done speed boating in your life, it is worth a 1-time try. However, for anyone else, considering the price of INR 100 and the fact that, you are only on the ride for few minutes, my verdict would be that, it is not worth it.

Also, folks, please note that, unless you are really attractive or really good with communication skills, the bargaining tip given above does not work here, because, the price here this sports are fixed.

However, the second type of adventure I talked about above ” Inflated Tyre” is worth it considering the prices of INR 20, since, not only do you get to enjoy the waves of the ocean for a low price, the time period for which you are on the water here is a lot.

So, you can fully enjoy your ride.

d. Horse ride and other games for kids:

Apart, from the activities mentioned above, there are also services like horse riding and other miscellaneous games for kids which you can enjoy.

Since we did not try these games for ourselves, we can not comment upon the actual worth of the same.

Horse Riding in Mandvi Beach
Horse Riding in Mandvi Beach


Conclusion..??? Well, I don`t have one. How can you give a conclusion about a place only on the basis of few hours of visit???

However, I can give you my Final thoughts based on my experience and research done before writing this blog.

Mandvi Beach is a really awesome beach to hang out for people of all age group. In fact, during my visit, I was amused to see such a mixed crowd.

There were a lot of families which included parents, Grandparents, and kids. Besides, there were a lot of couples as well along with groups of multiple young guys as well as girls.

So, this beach is a place for everyone.

Next up is all the adventure sports available on the beach, which have been detailed above. Further, there are also private beaches nearby, which are worth visiting if budget is none of your concerns but privacy is.

In addition to this, it is worth noting that, the locals around the beach are very friendly and pleasant (this could be for all the people in Gujarat).

Also, there are two separate changing and shower rooms for men and women.



I should, however, state that the beach is not as clean as it should be. It is not a deal breaker but, considering how much of an attraction this place is around tourist, I think the locals could and should do a better job at keeping this place cleaner.

Also, food is available on the beach, but only fast food, that too, I would not suggest you eat unless you are very very hungry.

In fact, a wise thing to do would be to carry some quick and fast diet yourself.

Finally, the traveling that one has to do to reach the beach may be hectic to some. Especially, if you are to go to Mandvi from Gandhidham, Kandla, it can be a long trip.

Despite, all this, I think the place is worth the visit. So, a big thumbs up from me.


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