Meghan Markle |11 Facts you did not know

Meghan Markle is an American actress and Humanitarian, who is best known for her role in hit T.V. series Suits and is soon to be the wife of the member of British Royal Family “Prince Henry of Wales”  familiarly known as Prince Harry after their marriage scheduled for May 19, 2018.

Source: Vanity Fair

Meghan was born on August 4, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, USA to her parents Doria Loyce Ragland and Thomas Markle Sr.


She played the role of Rachel Zane from 2011 to 2018 on the successful legal drama series Suits for seven seasons. Along with this, Megan has been involved in several Hollywood movies; “Remember Me” and “Horrible Bosses” to name a few. 

Having gone through a brief Introduction, let us now move on to 

“11 things you may not know about Meghan Markle”

1. Meghan Markle`s first name is Rachel:

This first fact may sound familiar to all of Meghan fan who know her from her role as “Rachel Zane” in her hit T.V. series Suits. That is because, even though the world knows her as “Meghan Markle”, her first name is actually Rachel.

This makes her actual full name ” Rachel Meghan Markle“.

For some reason, she decided to go by her Middle name Meghan in her acting career. So, there you have it, “Rachel Zane” was played by Rachel “Meghan Markle”.

We wonder what her name going to be after she marries Prince Harry?

Meghan_Markle_download 1
Source: Wikipedia

2. Meghan has been a feminist since her Childhood:

All of Megan`s Fans know her as one strong, Passionate and confident woman who speaks up for what believes in, But what a lot of people may not know is that Meghan started fighting Sexism from the tender age of 11 years old.

When little Markle was watching TV advertisements in class as part of a social studies assignment, she was agitated when a commercial for dishwashing soap proudly asserted that “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.”

She was especially horrified when two boys in her class loudly proclaimed that women “belong” in the kitchen.

Watching this, Meghan did not want children like herself and her contemporaries to grow up believing “just mom does everything,”So, Markle took up a letter-writing campaign to protest against the ad.

  • She first wrote to Hillary Clinton, who was First Lady at the time.
  • She then wrote to Gloria Allred, the noted civil rights attorney.
  • She also wrote to Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of the dishwashing soap.
  • And she wrote to Linda Ellerbee, the host of Nick News.

Her advocacy work paid off and the manufacturing company ultimately changed the slogan for their soap to say People over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.” instead of “Women”.

After her campaign was successful, she quoted

“If you see something that you don’t like or offended by on television or any other place, write letters and send them to the right people, and you can really make a difference, not just for yourself but for lots of other people.”

Meghan also spoke about the incident during her appearance at the 2015 U.N Women Conference.

3. Markle worked as freelance Calligrapher:

Another interesting fact that a lot of people may not know about Meghan is that she worked as a freelance calligrapher to support herself between early acting jobs.

She was asked about this in an interview she gave with her suits co-star  Patrick J. Adams to Larry King, where she said that she developed this skill from schooling days in her Catholic schools, where handwriting was one of the compulsory classes.

Further, she gave a live demonstration on the set by writing “I love Larry King” on a piece of paper and she was pretty impressive.

She says,

“She loves the art of handwritten notes and its a really lost art form”.

She has done calligraphy for a lot of weddings and big events in the past including one for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton`s wedding invitation.

meghan Calligrahpy

4. Meghan Markle- the blogger:

Just when you think, Meghan Markle cannot get any better, there`s the fact that she also used to be a blogger herself.

Well, this gives hope to us bloggers out here, that even we can make it big one day. ” The Tig” was the name of lifestyle and Fashion Blog, of which Megan was the founder and Editor-in-Chief from 2014 to 2017.

She derived the name “The Tig” from the Tignanello red wine.

“Tig talk” was one of the features of the tig where multiple successful and well-known women like Jessica Alba, Jessica Stam, Ella Woodward, Daphne Oz, Elizabeth Hurley, Lauren Bush Lauren, Ivanka Trump, Dianna Agron and Gail Simmons were profiled.

She discontinued the blog from spring of 2017 as now her life is a lot more hectic.

In fact, today if you go to “” all you are going to see on the site is a farewell message by Markle to all her fan and followers on the tig.

An extract of the message is below:


5. Not black enough for black roles and not white enough for white roles:

Today Meghan Markle is a well-known name all around the world.

While most of the people claim that, a lot of her fame came from the role as Rachel Zane in suits on professional fronts and from the news of her relationship with Prince Harry on a personal front, but it may be hard to believe that Markle had difficulties getting roles early in her career.

Well, she was pegged in an industry as being “ethnically ambiguous”, meaning she could audition for virtually any role, but sadly, it did not matter. 

In 2015, she wrote,

“I wasn’t black enough for the black roles and I wasn’t white enough for the white ones, leaving me somewhere in the middle as the ethnic chameleon who couldn’t book a job.”

However, after becoming a household name for the role as Rachel in suits, Meghan did praise the producers of Suits for not specifying race when casting the role. “They were simply looking for Rachel,” she said.

Meghan Markle
Source: Wikipedia 

6. Meghan Markle is a Divorcee:

So, next up is a quick fact, that people who follow the pop culture and entertainment business may already know.

Well, Meghan Markle was previously married to film producer “Trevor Engelson”.

Meghan had a relationship with Trevor for Six years before they were engaged.

They had their wedding ceremony take place in Jamaica for four days but in the end, things did not work out and they parted their ways in August 2013 after almost two years of marriage.

meghan with trevour
Source: U.S. Weekly

7.  Meghan has quit Social Media:

As of today (April`18), if you go to any of the social media platforms and type the words “Meghan Markle”, you are not going to find any official handles and pages on the said title.

This is because, in January 2018, Markle deleted her social media accounts, and in a statement issued by Kensington Palace thanked “everyone who has followed her social media accounts over the years”.

This move is probably because, she now has bigger responsibilities and a much busier life as a princess and humanitarian or maybe because, after her marriage with Prince Harry, she will become a royalty herself and most often, we do not see royalties engaging in social media. They like to keep their life private.

Source: Wikipedia 

8. Lucky Meghan Markle:

So, calling a woman lucky, who is soon to become a princess after her marriage with Prince Harry would be an understatement.

Her half Brother Tom junior quoted “If Meg marries Harry she’ll have won the lottery of life”, but did you know that her Dad did actually win a lottery himself in a Californian state lottery in 1990 when the actress was just nine years old.

He won an estimated £560,000 or $750,000. The winnings allowed Megan to go to best schools to pursue her education and get the best training.

9. Royal Ancestors:

As stated in the introduction above, Meghan Markle is the daughter of Doria Loyce Ragland and Thomas Markle Sr. Her mother is descended from Africans enslaved in Georgia, and her father from Dutch, English, and Irish settlers. 

Among Meghan`s father’s ancestors are Captain Christopher Hussey, King Robert I of Scotland, Sir Philip Wentworth and his wife, Mary Clifford, a descendant of King Edward III of England.

Well, this means that Markle is a direct descendant of England’s King Edward III, who ruled from 1327 until 1377. 

That technically makes her and Harry 17th cousins. 

The lineage was discovered through Rev. William Skipper, a royal descendant who arrived in New England in 1639. He’s an ancestor of Markle’s father, Thomas Wayne Markle.

(Source: Findings on research done by Genealogist, Gary Boyd Roberts, who specializes in researching American descendants of British monarchs and is affiliated with the Boston-based New England Historic Genealogical Society, one of the world’s top genealogical institutions)

Meghan and Prince Harry
Source: Daily post 

10. Markle as a Briefcase girl:

Today, people know Meghan Markle as a successful actress who plays one of the lead roles in hit Television drama Suits, but during the early days of her career, Meghan used to Work as one of the Briefcase girls in the game show ” Deal or No Deal”.

Despite the fact that, she looked Glamorous on stage, she does not have fond memories of her experience on the show.

She says,

” I would end up standing there forever in these terribly uncomfortable and inexpensive Five Inch Hills, just waiting for someone to pick my number so I could sit down”.

Well, working on this show really gave her a clarity of what she really wanted to do and avoid in her life. It was essentially an eye opener for her.

megan with briefcase
Source: U.S. Weekly

11. Date of Birth:

So, up next is a weird fact regarding Meghan`s date of birth.

All the Megan fans who know her from the T.V. Series Suits must be very familiar with the character “Dana Scott or Scottie” whose real name is Abigail Leigh Spencer.

Well, it turns out that, both Scottie and Rachel share the exact same Date of Birth. Both of them were born on August 4, 1981, which makes both of them 36 years old.

And speaking of Age, another quick fact is that, soon to be princess Meghan is 3 years older than her future husband Prince Harry (born Sept 15, 1984).

Meghan Markle in blue dress
Source : Article from Daily Mail

Hope you got to know a lot of new facts about your favorite actress and Humanitarian Meghan Markle.

We love and respect Meghan for always standing up and speaking out for what she believes in, not crumbling under the pressure, being a feminist, proudly representing the fact that she biracial and always staying humble irrespective of the situation she is in.

There is a lot we all can learn from her.

Further, we are very interested to see, what changes, she brings in the society and the world, now that she is in possession of greater power and a greater platform to do all the humanitarian work.

Let us know in the comments below, what are changes, you think Meghan can and should make after her marriage with Prince Harry??

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