Top 40 Tourist Attractions| 2017 edition |See where your country Falls.

Tourism is a huge Industry today.
Being a tourist opens a whole new horizon to your point of view. It exposes you to new culture, ideas, traditions and most importantly, it let you become a part of something that is bigger than you.
There are a lot of tourist attraction all over the globe.
Today we will be looking at top 40 tourist attractions from the year 2017. Lets get started.


How to stay awake |13 Tips to stay awake at work or while studying

Staying awake during the day can be a difficult task if you did not get a good night of sleep the earlier night or when you`ve just had a heavy lunch and not taken a walk after that.

We`ve all been there at some point in time, there is no shame in admitting that, sometimes you do feel sleepy at work.