The ultimate guide to Mandvi Beach | Kandla, Gandhidham Kutch |Cost, Rides, value for money and everything else.

Mandvi beach is a major tourist attraction for all the people who go to Kandla. Mandvi Beach is the closest to the town center, across the bridge to the east side of the river, then down the road past a place called Salaya, accessed from just near the Kashi-Vishvanath Temple (sometimes the beach is called Kashi-Vishvanath Beach.)

Wind Farm Beach is 7 km west of town, named for the windmills that line it to generate electricity for the area.


Ultimate guide to Kandla, Gandhidham |How to reach|Where to stay |Places to visit

Kandla, also known as the Kandla Port Trust or “Deendayal Port” is a seaport in “Kutch” District of Gujarat state in western India, near the city of Gandhidham.

So, first and foremost Kandla in itself is not your “everyday tourist spot” and it does not intend to become the same as well. It is more of an industrial area, where multiple industries are located.

Talking about me, I had gone there for the audit of two of my clients that are the part of the industries located in Kandla, Gandhidham.

Delhi to Nepal

Today`s blog is actually a personal one. This one is all about my memorable journey from Delhi to Kathmandu to attend my lovely sister`s wedding and get a well deserved break from my hectic professional life ( more on that in future blogs). So, without further ado, let’s get to it, in form of following pointers